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New Tenant Form

Please complete this form to request that new tenants be added to an account to receive courtesy copies of account bills and notices.

Completing this form provides UMS with new tenant information, but for security reasons the property owner/landlord MUST ALSO CONTACT UMS BY PHONE to authorize adding a new tenant to an account. All WATER accounts will remain in the property owner's name.

If you have any questions or special instructions, you may enter them in the final field. Our customer service representative will process your request, which may take up to 2 business days.

Please be aware that UMS does not prorate first or last bills for tenants: you will need to discuss those directly with your landlord.

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IMPORTANT: FOR WATER SERVICES: The property owner MUST hold the account in their name. UMS can send a COURTESY COPY of the bill to the tenants, but the original bill must remain in the owner's name. Please contact our Customer Service Center for further information.

By clicking "submit" I acknowledge that I am ONLY requesting that my name be added as tenant so that I may receive courtesy copies of account bills and other notices. I understand that the account will remain in the property owner's name and that my landlord must provide VERBAL AUTHORIZATION BY PHONE to add me as a tenant on the account. I further understand that I will not be able to discuss this account with any UMS representative until the authorization is received. I understand that any proration of the bill for my first or last month of residence must be discussed directly with my landlord or property management agency.

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