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Welcome Letter

  • Last update: 17 March 2014
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  • Posted: March 17, 2014

To The Customers of City of Marysville Sanitary Sewer Services,

Effective March 1, 2014 we at Utility Management Services are proud to be your billing and account services provider under the direction of the City of Marysville.  UMS has been serving the needs of California residents and businesses for over fifty years with service now being provided in areas from Humboldt County in Northern California to Kern County in the South.

Since the transition to UMS has just taken place, included with this letter is your first bill with an explanation sheet to assist in explaining how to read your new bill. Your rates have remained the same and will only be changed by the City of Marysville. On the back of your bill is important information about the various payment options and other important services.  The back of the payment stub also allows you sign up for Automatic Payment, if you so desire.

Because your sewer bill is now separate from your water bill, some changes are now being made:

  • You are receiving a new account number which will be different from your CalWater account number. This is being done to protect your privacy by not retaining the same account number as your CalWater account.
  • If you previously signed up for automatic payments with CalWater, your water bills will continue to be paid but your sewer bill will not. If you wish to have the sewer bill paid automatically, you will need to sign up for Automatic Payment with UMS.
  • If you currently pay your bill online through your bank’s billpay services, you will need to add UMS, using the mailing address given below. Alternately, you may make payments and manage your account on UMS’ website, as explained on the back of your bill.

Any prior balances you may have from the February 2014 or earlier billing period will continue to show on your CalWater bill and should be paid to CalWater. Your previous CalWater bill, dated between January 31 and February 27, 2014, was for sewer service in the calendar month of February 2014, which may not have been the same as your water billing period. This March 12, 2014 bill is for sewer service in the calendar month of March 2014. Payment for this bill and all future bills should be made directly to UMS.  First billed customers (customers who just began service and have not previously been billed by Cal Water) may be billed for a longer or shorter period, as appropriate.

For all questions or concerns, please call our Customer Care Center between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday on the City of Marysville direct line of 530-717-2602 or the toll free UMS company line of 1-866-912-3692; or email us

Letters may be addressed to:
     Utility Management Services (CM), Drawer 5173, Chico, CA  95927-5173.

FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 530-717-2602 or 1-866-912-3692.



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