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Ducor Community Services District

To contact a Customer Service Representative,
Ducor Community Services District customers please dial 530-717-2601

Para hablar con un Represente de Servicio al Cliente,
clientes de Ducor Community Services District por favor marque 530-717-2601


Ducor Community Services District serves the town of Ducor in Tulare County, California. It is overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

Important: Change to Water Restoration policy
The following policy is now in affect as decided at the September 20, 2016, DCSD Board meeting.

  • Accounts needing water service to be activated or restored will be processed as follows:
    • If UMS is notified before 4:30 PM, water service will be turned on the same day.
    • All requests for water received after 4:30 PM will not be turned on until the next business day.
Meter & Valve Project
All meters were installed by December 2018. These meters are read monthly by Automatic Meader Reading (AMR) technology, and customers began seeing usage with their July 2019 bills.
At this time, usage is not being billed, but is being tracked so rates can be developed to include fixed and usage-based components. 
Service Charges

The Service Charge is a Flat Rate Charge which is applicable to all residential water service.

Flat Rate Monthly Charge
Residential $ 65.00
  Additional Unit served from the same connection $ 20.00
Commercial $ 95.00
Other fees  
Late fee: For monthly bills not paid by the due date $ 3.00
Returned check (or returned autopayment) fee $ 25.00
E-check/Credit Card processing fee $ 5.00
Automatic Recurring Payment fee
- Bank Draft
- Credit Card

Other Services and Fees
Please see the back of your bill for additional information about other services and fees.

Special Conditions - Ducor Community Services District Annual General FLAT RATE Service
  1. This District is overseen by The DCSD Board of Directors.
  2. The established billing cycle for water used is monthly and billed in advance.

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